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Blauvelt Free Library

Two Open Trustee Positions | Board Election on June 20 at 7pm

Please note, Board meeting date has changed, and we are meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in June, not the 4th Tuesday.

The Blauvelt Free Library will be electing two new trustees at our June 20th Board meeting. Trustees serve for three-year terms with a maximum of three terms (nine years). Board meetings are held at 7pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month except July and August. The first meeting with our newly-elected trustees will be held on September 27, 2017, just about the time that our renovated library will be celebrating the completion of an 8-month long renovation project. Interested candidates should submit a résumé to Laura Grunwerg by June 15th or email  her at:

Renovation Update | May 26, 2017

May 25 - 26 | The A/C ductwork is not installed as the plans indicate, but rather sprawls to the left and right of the unit taking up a considerable portion of the space we had designated for storage. The installer claims that what is indicated on the plans does not work in the space, so what follows is several minutes of negotiation with the architect and contractor until a reasonable compromise is reached. Dave Sirois will build us an enclosure around the ductwork over which storage shelves can be mounted, and we'll eliminate one of the doors into the storage area, which adds extra space on either side of the wall. No harm, no foul. On Friday, Ed Cook's crew arrived to remove a bush where Orange and Rockland installed a rather comprehensive set of gas pipes on our west wall. In one day, I have five meetings with two phone system reps, a sculptor, lighting designer and A/C technician.

May 20 - 24 | On Tuesday, Ecuadorean roofers spend all day peeling off the old shingles and laying down tar paper. I spend 20 minutes with Edward Corey picking out the right shingle color, which involves sending his crew up on the high roof to hold up samples, where they cavort atop the roof like mountain goats. On Wednesday, I meet with a phone system installer, because our phones have reached the end of their life and the best time to lay cable is before the sheetwork goes up. Meanwhile, air conditioning ductwork is installed for the new office suite.

May 18 - 19 | Masons labor to create a pattern of paving bricks at the front entrance. Other crew members frame out the wall that bracket the stairwell leading from the lobby to the Community Room. The electrical consultant met with lighting company reps, the contractor and myself to walk the site and finalize a lighting plan. On Friday, masons continued with the brickwork and also tore out the three small windows in the Community Room to make it more movie friendly. And on Saturday, Hector and Leo completed the brickwork for the base of the front entry portico. It is so lovely, I could just cry.

May 15 - 17 | On Monday, a concrete slab was poured for the portico and the slab inside the front entry. Air conditioning technicians labored to reinstall the unit that services the children's floor in advance of the coming heat wave. Wednesday, and the AC has power but does not cool with back-to-back Toddler Time sessions on the children's floor.  Back to the drawing board. Framers carve out a new space for an alcove addition in the office suite that will be ideal for small meetings -- Book Club, Scout Leaders, Friends Group. Meanwhile, dirt is being trucked and tamped down to fill back the south lawn.

May 8 - 9 | Jorge asks me if the library is haunted. When I assure him that it isn't (I've been here every hour of the day and night without incident), he tells me he's seen a ghost. The floor to the basement is opened up and Jorge claims to have seen a person walking toward him. When the figure headed for the Community Room (access to which is blocked), Jorge ran to the opening to have a look, and no one was there. I tell him, maybe it was an electrician or plumber -- they're sometimes in the basement without us knowing, but Jorge swears he was the only tradesman on the jobsite. It has been my experience that poltergeists are often provoked by home renovation -- I guess they don't like to see their family home disturbed -- and this is the mother of all renovations. I have friends who tell me that their ghosts often hurl tools across the room.

May 3 - 4 | Excavation of walls continues on the second floor. The basement ceiling is opened up from the main floor to prepare for the stairwell leading to the Community Room. Meanwhile, a temporary staircase is installed leading up to the new second floor, so we will gain a secondary means of egress. The workers' faces shown the strain of this backbreaking work. The contractor, architect and I meet to review progress in the new second floor wing and tweak some of the details to accommodate our ever-evolving vision.

May 1 - 2 | Jorge, Tino and Jordan tore up carpeting and wrestled with plywood sheets that were glued  fast to the floor in the second floor children's room entry. When the dust had settled, their Herculean effort revealed the original wide plank pine floorboards. Be still my heart. They also opened up the walls where the elevator empties into a second floor lobby and flows into the children's room.

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