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Blauvelt Free Library

Summer Reading Club 2017 | Begins Thursday, June 15th

The children's Summer Reading Club has arrived! This year's theme is "Build a Better World." The three reading groups are: "Read-to-Me" for kids ages 1 to 4 years, grades K to 5 and grades 6 to 12. Register at the library from 10am to 6pm on any day and pick up your bag of goodies. Readers will receive stickers for books read and weekly prizes for book reporting. There are also weekly raffles and a special prize for completing the program. As always, our Big Brochure features Summer Reading events for all of the "Mighty Five" South Orangetown libraries in one handy listing. Pick up a copy at any participating library (Blauvelt, Orangeburg, Palisades, Piermont, Tappan) or have a look at the brochure here.

Renovation Update | July 20, 2017

July 18 - 20 | More electrical conduit was run in the new office suite. Dave and the boys came to install the front door. They installed the inside door where the exterior door is supposed to be. No harm, though, since they have to remove it anyway. Tomorrow, the Building Inspector, Automatic Door Opener Rep, and Lightower Cable Guy are all due in the morning.

July 15 - 17 | On Saturday, the masonry crew arrived to install herringbone pattern bricks for the walkway leading to the front portico. Around 2:30pm, they ran out of bricks and packed up shop. I weeded the front yard while they labored, so I could snap photos of the work in progress. Early Monday morning, the cherry doors arrived for the front entrance. Three of the framers were pulled off another job to accept delivery and bring the doors into the building where they await installation.

July 12 - 14 | On Wednesday, I visited Fergusson's plumbing showroom in Northvale to look at faucet fixtures and sinks. Thursday, electricians spray paint white crosses on the floor to indicate where lights will be installed overhead to help the framing crew with sheetrocking. A quiet, rainy Friday the 14th. The front entrance doors were set to arrive earlier than expected, but due to the weather, the contractor decided to delay their delivery. On Saturday, the masons arrive to brick the ramp to the front entrance.

July 7 - 11 | On Friday, a floor crew installs reclaimed pine floorboards in my new office that were salvaged from Barry's old office. None of the boards are the same width and thicknesses also vary, which creates a painstaking day of flooring at a rate of one board per hour! The crew will return to finish the floor after sheetrock and spackling are completed. On Saturday, the masonry crew pours the ramp at the front entrance. Meanwhile, roofers continue to install copper sheathing on the elevator roof -- a tedious and perilous undertaking (it's slippery and hot). I've been told the front entrance doors are due to arrive in two weeks. On July 10th, Brian from Blooming Grove Stair, the contractor and I finalize the look of newel posts and railings for the stairs leading to the children's floor. Architect, Mike Esmay, pops in for a visit, and all pending questions are answered. Later in the day, the backhoe crew trims out that part of the driveway that abuts the cobblestones and lays in hot asphalt, which they roll and tamp into place. Next up: Choosing sinks and toilets.

July 3 - 6 | Electricians continue to reconnect A/C units -- we finally restore air conditioning to the main floor. Another crew frames out the new StoryCraft Annex and all manner of construction debris and errant furniture is removed from all work areas in preparation for framing. On Thursday, July 6th, John from Floormaster and I plan out how we will repurpose the salvaged wide pine floorboards for my office. The masonry crew creates an armature for cobblestones that they set along the edge of the driveway. There is talk of starting the walkway on Saturday.

June 29 - July 1 | I visit another of the contractor's jobsites on 9W in Piermont to look at newel posts and stair rails. On Saturday, a crew frames out the demolished office space that will become the children's StoryCraft Cottage.

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